“When I cane her, I cane hard,” I wrote.

It’s a faux-casual remark, isn’t it? Like, “Ah, I can never remember where I parked the damn Maserati.” 

Well, Maseratis are stylish cars. But a woman giving me the power to decide if she will be caned, and if so, how hard she will be caned, and the other rights over her that usually flow from that: that’s the most comfortable and elegant luxury item there is.

Obviously, if you have the right to cane, you’ve also acquired the right to use a paddle, a birch, a crop, your hand and so on, though you might agree not to use certain instruments that she particularly hates or fears.

caned and butt-fuckedMore importantly, the intimacy of discipline includes sexual intimacy. A woman on a bed, lying on her front with her ass presented to be caned is also presenting herself to be fucked, and she and her disciplinarian both know it.

Mostly, men and women only want to be disciplined by someone they desire sexually. Sure, discipline-only, no-sex relationships exist, but I think even those are sexual, regardless of what the partners might say. Let’s leave that topic for another post.

When I can say of someone I desire, “When I cane her, I cane hard”, I may try to sound casual about it. But I’m amazed to live in a world in which something so wonderful can be true. 

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