Better to have loved and lost

People say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I guess it’s true. 

And I know that it’s an honour that Lican should think I’m the person who should teach her new dom how to manage and guide her.

But there’s loss, too. It means Lican will never again fly a thousand miles to see the local sights, I suppose, but mainly to get her ass smacked and fucked. I know that Lican and I were never a real possibility. We live far too far apart. My Spanish and her English were never good enough to let us truly relax together, except when we were doing sex.

Still and all and all, I can be philosophical about it, but it’s loss. I seem to have lost a lot, just a bit too much, lately. That’s probably about enough self-pity, for today. And the thing from yesterday, about the excellence of sex and love: that’s still true. 

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