The Ojastara Tales: The landgrave 2

Ojastara let the landgrave spank her, and rewarded him for it by sucking his cock. It was far from unpleasant. She liked the warmth, and the slight, good hurt, and the way it made the men who spanked her so much more animal, even slightly brutal . There was satisfaction in that. It5 was like having a hard surface to bounce off.

He reached his hand to the back of her head, tightened his grip on her hair, and thrust her forward to meet him as his cock thrust urgently, desperately in her mouth. At that moment they were both focussed on his pleasure, and her pleasure came from her awareness of and sympathy with his urgent need and its satisfaction.

She let him thrust his cock hard and deep into her mouth, sometimes having to will herself to relax when the glans of his penis touched the back of her throat,

She had some control over her gag reflex, but it was not complete control. She put her hand on the base of his cock, eventually, to stop him from going too deep, and used her other hand to stroke his blalls, now tight as if they were clenched.

But after a while he grunted, and slowed. Ojastara guessed he had reached his limit, of how far he could go without coming. And she was pleased that he didn’t want to come in her mouth.

She smiled, his cock still in her mouth, pulsing hard as his heartbeat. He put his hand on her brow, now, and pushed her back a little. He made a high-pitched sound, testifying to the will-power it took for him to put her further back so his cock escaped her mouth and pressed against her cheek.

Ojastara looked up at him and smiled, though she held his balls in her hand. It was insurance for his good behaviour. The Landgrave smiled down at her.

“You’re a dangerous woman and we both know it. But a treasure; we both know that as well. There’s a bed in the next room. If that appeals?”

Ojastara considered. The eve of venues made her less safe, and she had no evidence that he was a good man. But she trusted her instincts – and her skills and pack of attendant foxes. She released his tender, attractively vulnerable oval shells. If he misbehaved she could always use her knee, anyway. 

She said, “Sure, Landgrave, and I trust you. Lead the way.” 

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