The Australian Survey on Sex and Relationships 7: The subtext of buttsex

Today’s topic is a much more more cheerful one: buttfuckery. It’s getting more popular.  Here are the numbers.

Percentage of women who’ve ever had anal sex, by age

16-19        7%

20-29     18%

30-39     27%

40-49    22%

50-59    18%

60-69    15%

So you can see that the proportion of women who’ve had anal sex increases with age up to the age of 39. After that age, the proportion starts to fall, even though we’re talking about life-long experience and not recent. 

That suggests to me that there was a cultural shift about 30-40 years ago, in which anal sex started to become more acceptable: still a minority activity, but edging into the mainstream. If that’s correct, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the numbers in the next survey, in 2024 or thereabouts.  

Now here’s the men. 

Percentage of men who’ve ever had anal sex, by age

16-19        6%

20-29      23%

30-39      33%

40-49      31%

50-59      25%

60-69     17%

It’s interesting that slightly fewer young men, 16-19, have had anal sex than their female age-mates. That might just be because of those young women having boyfriends a couple of years older, so that those young men show up in the 20-29 group. It’s only a 1% difference, but it’s good to see women taking the lead on this important social trend.

Anyway, from the age of 20 onwards, significantly more men have had buttsex than women. Some of that difference may be from men having buttsex with other men. It could also be that women who like anal sex like sex more in general, and are likely to have more sex, including having anal sex with more than one guy. 

Anyway, I look forward to further improvements in these figures. Team!

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