Star Trek: the Kirk-Elaan of Troysius spanking sequence

Now go to my room!

Now go to my room!

The new Star Trek film is good. But it’s very clean in various ways compared to the world of Shatner-Kirk.

For example, here’s the conversation on spanking between Kirk and the imperious Dohlman of Troysius, whose name is Elaan, though she prefers to be called “Your Glory”. 

Elaan: You are warned, Captain, never to touch me again!

Captain Kirk: If I touch you again, Your Glory, it’ll be to administer an ancient Earth custom called a spanking!

Elaan: (rage, spit, throws furniture, etc)

But some time later, the Captain and Elaan are in a fog of lust: 

elaanElaan: Captain, that ancient Earth custom called spanking. What is it?

Kirk: It’s, er. It’s, er. We’ll talk about it later.

[He pulls her into a passionate embrace. We cut, fast as possible, to an ad break. Elaan spends the rest of the episode standing up. Coincidence? Er, probably.]

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