Mild discouragement: A personal note

I’ve been working quite hard to get literary agent representation for two novels. There’re non-erotic novels, of all things, and they’re not written by Jerusalem Mortimer. Or they are, but under another name. 

You know what?
Hang In There Cat can fuck right off

I have sent them to about forty agents now. The pitch is pretty good, I think. And when I check them, even in discouragement, I have to admit that they’re good books. Beta readers have likewise liked them. They’re funny, scary, sexy, dark novels, the kind I like reading.

Still, I’m getting no love. 

Many literary agents don’t even write back. A writer just has to assume, after hearing nothing for three to four months, that that agent must have rejected their books.

I must admit that the level of disrespect that comes with not even bothering to fire off a standard rejection notice just amazes me.

It’s a kind of arrogant, lazy contempt that makes me wonder why those agents are even in a business that has anything remotely to do with books. 

So… I’m still plugging away. I’m writing a third non-erotic novel right now. But just at this moment, a certain amount of joy and hope has run out, like sand out of a toy octopus. I will send the sample chapter, pitch and synopsis off to a new agent today. 

But right now, my life is not joyous or triumphant. It’s an endurance event. 

3 thoughts on “Mild discouragement: A personal note

  1. I agree, it’s beyond rude that you haven’t had any communication from these so called professionals. An email wouldn’t kill them!

    I hope you find a publisher soon 😊

  2. Oh yes this kind of treatment can get a person down even though it has nothing to do with YOU personally, nor your books. Just about every writer I know experiences this kind of frustration. It’s why we like to hang out, commiserate, maybe have a drink together. Here’s hoping you can hang on to your mojo or can find a kind friend to make you laugh and help you get it back. 🖤

  3. Bah, this sucks. It’s a hard slog getting anywhere with agents and publishers. Often the silence is even worse than a direct rejection. I hope that you find representation soon. You’re a great writer. 🍀 (‘Water of Lethe’ is still resonating with me!💖)

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