Masturbation Monday: The lovers joined

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Stephanie was on her knees, her face and breasts pressed on the carpet, getting fucked. I was on my knees, losing skin on the carpet, fucking her. Neither of us cared about knees, or any skin, except where we merged, my cock in her cunt, slick wet skin sliding together, hard and fast.

That took up most of our awareness. We’d both wanted this for eight years: it was worth savouring, though we’d passed the point at which we could take things slowly. Stephanie mewed, her head turning from side to side, as we fucked. My stomach and hips pounded her upturned, submissively presented ass.

Not that Stephanie was submissive in any full time sense. She and I had fallen into a dom/sub pattern because sexual dominance comes naturally to me, and she was in the mood to go along with me. I smacked her arse again, with that thought, and she yelped, pleasured, and sighed. But she was not quiet after that spank: she was approaching her orgasm, and that pleasured yelp repeated, and then became a long, continuous wail. 

She said, “Harder! Harder!” I smacked her again, hard, across the sides of her buttocks, and then again, though I knew that wasn’t what she meant. I also rode her harder, pushing her ass down to the floor with the weight and pressure of my body against her.

Eventually she collapsed forward, her body at full stretch on the carpet, my cock still in her, pushing and pumping as hard as I could. She made one, brief, very high-pitched noise and then was silent: her whole body shuddered. 

My girl had come. I could have come in her, at that moment, but I decided I needed to hold myself in reserve. I slowly rode her, while she gasped for air, post-orgasmic and blissed, and tried to push her ass up again. I put my hand in her hair, and turned her face so she could see me. I leaned down and kissed her neck, and cheek. 

Stephanie smiled. “That took us a while, didn’t it?” 

“Yeah. Should have happened eight years ago. We were just always busy with someone else. Or at least one of us always was.” I moved my cock in her, as it was too good and sweet not to, and I loved the feel of her soft but very muscular ass under me. 

Stephanie’s belting would be hot, and, for the moment, completely hypothetical…

Stephanie nodded. This was true. It was good we’d found the time. And that Maires, my current girlfriend, had allowed it to happen. But she said, “Would you really have taken your belt to my arse? If I’d pushed back, and taken your cock into me?”

“Oh god, yes. Hard, girl.” That wasn’t really true. I’d made the threat because it had seemed sexy in the moment, and then been relieved not to have to carry it out.

But once you’ve started down that path, you follow through, if tested in what you judge is a consenting way. Like Stephanie’s. She laughed briefly. “Heh. Thought so. You’ve got a… reputation, you know. Pervert.”

“I can’t deny it. But you don’t get to feel the belt, sweetiepie, unless you don’t do as you’re told.”

“What if I said, no?”

“Yeah well, that goes without saying. Er, I mean, if you say no, there’s no go. Anyway, I’d like very much to warm your arse up with my belt, before I fuck you. Some time. If you feel like it.”

I said that because my cock, still inside her, was likely to shrink if we talked too much about careful things. But saying the equivalent of, “I want to whip you”; and thinking about her perfect ass presented for that, as well as for the fucking that always follows any application of the belt: that got me hardening again. She noticed, and waggled her hips.

“Yeah. I can tell you’d like it.”

“I think you’ll like it too. But you do get a veto. Obviously.”

“Well, we’ll see.” 

“Sweet Stephanie-girl, I don’t really want to pull out of you. Ever, really. But I would like to carry you to bed. And put something on your knees.” Mine were starting to protest, red, scratched and possibly close to blistering. Hers had taken an even harder assault than mine. 

“Uh huh. That’s reasonable. So long as you’re back in me, once we’re in bed.” 

So, slowly, and with a certain amount of panting, because it really can be a hard thing to do, I withdrew. I rolled Stephanie onto her back, and reached under her shoulders and knees. She’s a strong girl, but not heavy. So I had an armful of warm, laughing, naked Stephanie, when the door opened. 

It was Maires. She had her jeans on, but the bra she’d been wearing under her tshirt was gone. She looked radiant, glowing: I guess the guy with the wooden toucan on his shoulder had done well by her.

She said, “Hello, beautiful lovers. I heard the end of that; it sounded lovely.”

Stephanie said nothing. She looked at me, not Maires. She’d agreed to have Maires join us, but in the moment what mattered was that it was so far outside her experience.

So Maires spoke to her: “Stephanie, darling, would you mind if I join you two?” 

The next episode is here.


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    • There’s more!
      (Though this is basically a true story, and the inconvenient truth is that once the girl I’m calling Maires turned up and joined us, I only have very fleeting memory-glimpses of what was happening, except for the over-arching feeling that it was wonderful. I’ll have to try to recreate the night in my mind, joining up the bits I do remember.)

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    • Yes. I’ve changed this and that, partly to protect identities, and I’ve left out some boring details. But this one is non-fiction.

      It was in a pretty cold climate, and I have a theory that people in the cold are most likely to go to bed with each other without too much hesitation. I’ll have to go to the Yukon some time, and test this.

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