Masturbation Monday: Holding something back

Teresa knew that this must be what he’d been holding in check, on their first evening together. She grinned. “You’re a pervert. You smack my arse. Now you want to tie me up. My pervy man. But, yeah, I suppose that’s ok.”

Teresa thought of herself, despite her favourite erotica, as a bitey vampire girl, sexually, not a submissive girl. She enjoyed submissive fantasies, but they didn’t define her. Still, she was curious. She’d enjoyed getting her bottom smacked as much as Tessa had, or perhaps more. So it was worth exploring a little further.

Roland pulled the belt out of her non-sexy robe, since she didn’t have bondage ropes in the house. She’d never had her wrists tied to her bedposts, or anywhere else, before. Till now her lovers had been too impressed with her vampirey self to suggest something like that.

She liked Roland’s complete failure to be afraid of her. She rolled onto her front when he asked, and let him hold her wrists.

He knelt on her with his thighs straddling her arse, his cock sometimes touching her, while he set her wrists wide apart, her arms outstretched, before securing them to her bedposts. She had to admit that it felt enjoyably perverse. It was definitely compensation for losing the corset.

Once she was tied, he put two pillows under her hips, and slipped three of his fingers into her cunt, and his thumb in her tight little hole, up to the first knuckle. He stroked her so that she rocked her bottom up and down like a rubber duck in choppy waters. He said, “Beautiful. You look incredibly hot, little vampire girl.”

“And fuckable? You might fuck me, then.”

Roland ignored her and kept stroking her, until Teresa could only make incoherent noises, to demand to be fucked and not fingered. Fucked, right now.

At last she felt his hands on her hips, holding her then sliding down to lift her, raising her arse so he could slide easily into her from behind. She felt him place his knees between hers.

She expelled a breath, hard, when his cock entered, so hard, and so fat.

Teresa said, “About time”, and he said nothing back, but withdrew a little before pushing back into her. They moved very slowly, the vampire girl and her chosen male victim, and deep, and she didn’t notice for a while what was wrong. 

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