Masturbation Monday: Good things come to girls who brat

Philip had just announced that Jayavardini was about to be spanked. 

She nodded, almost impatiently. “Of course. And then we’re going to fuck, yes?”

“So it seems. I mean, utterly yes, I’m going to fuck you. And we’re not leaving Chetana out. Now, Chetana, I think you should lean back against the headboard now.” Chetana touched his cock, a fleeting, affectionate gesture like touching the nose of a bronze boar for luck, and obeyed. “Lovely. Comfortable girl, like a queen. But with your legs well apart, and your ass thrust forward a little… More. I said forward. Good girl.”

Chetana said to Jayavardhini, “Told you so.” She meant she’d said that Philip was bossy once he was sure that would be welcome. Jayavardhini wondered about Philip and his wife, what they’d been like together. She felt they’d been happy. She’d never even seen a picture of the woman. 

She leaned down and kissed the inside of Chetana’s right knee. Then wriggled to kiss the inside of her thigh. Chetana put her hand in her hair and stroked the back of her head. She kissed Chetana’s thigh, smooth, intimate skin, more passionately. And she was caught, as she expected, by Philip, stronger than so small a man should be, and pulled over his lap.

“The famous spanking position,” she said. And wiggled her ass at him. He rewarded her with a smack. At least six times harder than Chetana. About right. Jayavardhini felt an absurd sense of happiness as well as sex. “Didn’t hurt! You can’t spank for…” What was that thing the English said? “Toffee.”

Chetana laughed. “I don’t believe this. Give her one for me!”

Philip’s hand landed. The same intensity. He wasn’t going to go easy on her, or be provoked. The impact brought an explosion of heat in her buttocks, which she felt ripple down to her cunt as sex and need. She sighed.

Philip squeezed her ass. “Any comments?”

She decided she could take a lot of that. And being a brat suddenly appealed. It was a game she hadn’t played in a long time. Good things came to brats. “Hopeless. You’re sure you’ve spanked a girl before? That was feeble. Weakest I’ve ever had.”

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