Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 79: Raylene’s caning – how many witnesses 3

Raylene had accepted the idea that she was going to flash a bunch of churchgoers in the morning, embarrass herself with Bellie and Lynette in the kitchen, and then come back with the canes she’d just cut so I could use them across her ass. That’s a lot to accept, but she had no complaints.

I kissed her, and let my fingers trail down the gap between her buttocks, pressing briefly against her asshole so she knew I hadn’t forgotten it, but then trailing down to her cunt. She was enthusiastically wet, soaking and leaking. I stroked her. She said, “fuuuuck”, and her ass rose and fell, rubbing herself against my fingers.  

The fuck. You doing. In my fucking bedroom?

The fuck. You doing. In my fucking bedroom?

I stroked her, and started planning. When she went to cut and fetch her canes, I’d have to wake Bellie up and tell her the show would be in half an hour’s time. I’d tell Bellie that I’d meant it when I said Lynette could come up and watch.

Lynette’s invitation would be better coming from Bellie than from me. I’d be of out luck with anything I wanted to suggest to Lynette, from the moment I walked into her bedroom uninvited.

Raylene’s moans became shorter and high pitched. I rolled her over, onto her back. And rolled my body onto hers. 

I thought that I hadn’t fancied or liked Lynette much, so far. Still she had a kind of gamine prettiness, and there isn’t enough of that in the world. Anyway, if she came to watch me cane Raylene that’d be entirely up to her.

I wondered if she would. When she’d arrived with Bellie, and I was strapping Raylene’s ass on the stairs, she’d shown a certain interest – more than is strictly polite – in seeing Raylene naked. Maybe she’d tell herself that she should be there to make sure I wasn’t too cruel.

fucked1I took her wrists and pushed them over her head while I entered her. She raised her thighs to welcome me, and I knew I’d come in her too soon, no matter what I did.

I smacked her wrists, meaning she wasn’t to move them, and grabbed her ass, holding tight and fucking her hard and fast, selfishly. Embrace the danger. Also the woman. 

From my point of view, Lynette’s and Bellie’s presence would mainly be a way of giving Raylene the mild humiliation she so obviously liked. I said, “Sorry girl, I’m going to come, any second.”

Raylene had her mouth open and her eyes closed. She was intently getting fucked. She said, “nnnnnnnn”, which I decided to take as positive, whatever it specifically meant.

Then it was as though energy and sensation flowed from every part of my body into my cock, and I shouted, “ahh”, loud enough to wake Bellie, also the dead, and came. Still shouting like an idiot.  

Speaking of idiocy, I was sure I was going to flirt with Bellie more, today. But I wondered what would happen if, in the middle of caning Raylene, I kissed Lynette. 

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