Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 71: Sisterhood is powerful

Bellie took me into her mother’s room. There was one downstairs bedroom, and it seemed that Lynette was going to sleep in that, while Bellie preserved what I assumed was her girl-on-girl virginity in her own bedroom. I didn’t know how thick the walls were, but that seemed a good reason to put off Raylene’s caning till morning.

Something like that, I was thinking...

Perhaps something like that, I was thinking…

Raylene’s caning? Well, I’d decided that I had an excuse to punish her, for winding up Bellie and Lynette over dinner. And I thought she might find the cane a bit more effective than the razor strop. So there was a thing called “Raylene’s caning”.

In the morning she’d cut and fetch me two lengths of bamboo, one whip and one thick. She’d pass Bellie and Lynette in the kitchen.

Then she’d bring them to me, upstairs in her bedroom, and she’d place her body in the position I specified. Perhaps bent over, holding her ankles. Or face down on the bed. I’d decide at the time. And then I’d begin. We’d cover the area from halfway down her thighs and all of her buttocks, applying firm, unhurried strokes. I knew she’d stay in place. I wondered if she’d cry. Either way, she’d learn what each cane felt like. 

That thought had been giving me most of an erection. And although Bellie didn’t seem happy with me, her sitting on the double bed didn’t do anything to discourage the blood flow to my cock. She crossed her legs. “So what’s going on? Are you two a couple now?”

“Um… We haven’t actually talked about it. But I’m spending tonight here. And tomorrow night I hope she’ll be at my place. And, well, and so on. So I suppose we are. If it’s okay with Raylene.”

“I thought she didn’t get any choices -“

“Oh come on. She can tell me to fuck off whenever she likes, same as anyone.”

“Yes. Technically. But she’s already calling you sir. That’s just not her. She doesn’t call men ‘sir’. How much freedom has she given up? Really?”

The truth was ‘none at all.’ Not just because we hadn’t discussed it, but also because her surface subservience was an act of Raylene’s own will. It was sexually exciting, and it also wound up Bellie a bit and Lynette a lot. She was doing what she chose, and no more. So I smiled. “All of it.”

Bellie looked at me, horrified. “You made her call you ‘sir’. You were whipping her when we got home. You’re going to whip her now, for being cheeky over dinner.”

“Well, not exactly. You’d be in the next room, trying to sleep. So I was thinking I’d wait till morning.” 

“That’s …” Bellie was trying to think of a word that expressed how terrible I was being. She gave up.

“Considerate.” She tried to look angry, but the eyes indicated that she thought that was funny. “Dorabella, I never did anything to you you didn’t want. And I would have liked – Um, I would have liked more time with you, among other things.”

Now she did smile, the minx. “Would you have liked to smack my bottom?”

“Of course I wanted to smack your arse. It’s one of the three hottest asses in … this house. I mean the whole damn universe. But I didn’t force anything on you, and I haven’t with Raylene, either. She really can walk away if she wants. Or she can say we’ll just have regular sex and no more pervy stuff. That’s up to her, and I’d do as she asks. Also, I like her a lot.”

This could have got messy. Notwithstanding.

This could have got messy. Notwithstanding.

She stood and came close. I put my arms around her, because we were ex-lovers and some barriers between us were already and permanently down. At first it was a chaste hug, with my lower body held slightly away from hers, but she pressed forward so that she could feel my erection against her lower belly. My cock was hard at least partly in her honour as well as Raylene’s, by then. I had my hand holding her ass. She sighed.

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