Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 62: Raylene strapped on the bed

I gave Raylene a warning shot, the razor strop biting across the already bright surface of her bottom. She gasped and her ass jerked up, almost losing my cock from inside her. I gasped. I needed warm wetness around my cock, not air.

bed spankedI said, “No!”, and swung the strop again, this time on her upper thighs. Raylene drew a hissing breath, and looked at me. Indignation showed on her face for a second, then she cleared it. I put my hand firmly on her ass, feeling and savouring the new warmth.

“Raylene, have you ever known a man to like it if you let his cock slip out of your cunt?”

There was the ghost of a smile. “No, sir. That’s not popular.”

“Right. Now, I’m going to give you your last strokes, and you’re going to take special care to keep your cunt on me. If my cock is out of your cunt before I’ve finished strapping you, I’ll be angry with you. I’ll strap you, hard. Do you understand?”

Raylene lowered her head again, to rest on the mattress. Her flush had deepened. “Yes.” Her voice sounded throaty. She coughed. “Yes, yes sir, I do understand.”

“While I’m strapping you, you focus on pleasing me. You can enjoy yourself too, I don’t care. But I’m your priority.”

Raylene looked confused. She was wondering if she had to respond to that. I resolved that issue by raising the strop and bringing it down hard on her ass. She bounced upwards, but she managed to stay on her fulcrum. She grunted loudly. I said “One!”

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