Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 61: Raylene in sex romp shock!

Raylene yawned. She lay on her front across my lap, stretched out comfortably. Her thighs closed around my cock, still semi-erect. She’d reached one hand back to rest on my stomach. Our first fuck had lasted about four minutes, and I’d lasted about two of them before I came in her. I was too wound up to hold back. But I’d kept it together and stayed hard long enough for Raylene to scream once and begin gibbering in my ear. She’d been a little wound up, too. 

fuckbedThe second fuck, when we’d recovered and there was less urgency, had been slower and longer. I’d been tender when we started, above her, face to face, but after a while I’d turned her over, put pillows under her to keep her ass high, and fucked her hard and forcefully.

Her hands flopped like fledgeling birdwings when she came.

This time I could keep going, and eventually we lost count of her orgasms. But there were many. Finally, I’d taken a handful of her hair in one hand, and, smacking her flanks with the other, I’d ridden her to my orgasm. 

Then we’d collapsed, Raylene was uncomfortable with my weight on her back, so I held her and turned us both over. Raylene lay across my body, in the traditional spanking position, her thighs closed on my cock, which was still lazily half-erect. I lay back, my head and shoulders supported by a pile of pillows. And this is where we started this part of the story.

The sheets and blankets had fallen onto the floor. I looked down at my girl, her green and blue hair stuck to her scalp with her sweat, and her arse and thighs still shockingly, brilliantly red from the razor strop. I reached down and patted her ass again, carefully, then squeezed. Raylene said, “Ummm.”

 She meant that I wasn’t hurting her, but to warn me that it would hurt if I persisted. So – what would you do? – I didn’t pat her the next time: I smacked her. Then I smacked her again, harder. Raylene yelped again, not entirely complaining, and tried to squirm away. But while she squirmed she kept her thighs locked closed on my cock, so it was just possible that she wasn’t fully committed to her escape project.

I tightened my grip on her arse, and held her firmly down. She struggled some more, to feel herself being held hard, and to feel helpless. She found she could kick, and thresh her head and shoulders about, which had a dramatic effect on her breasts, but her ass wasn’t going anywhere. She said, “Ah yah.”

That sounded happy, so I took it that she’d enjoyed having her semi-rebellion subdued. It was clear that I’d enjoyed it too. My cock, symbol and executor of certain kinds of pleasure, was hard again. She began to stroke my cock with warm, soft inner thighs, raising her rump and lowering it again, her face turned to watch my reactions.

spank bedI still had eight strokes of the razor strop to deliver, but though her position was perfect, I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt the thing she was doing with her thighs. I spider-walked the hand on her ass down into her crevices and stroked her cunt,

Raylene made a low satisfied sound. Her lips wetly welcomed my fingers, and her thighs opened again. I reached down between us and guided my cock into her, and we joined and started to rut, slowly, with her lying across my lap.  

We fucked calmly, comfortably, almost companionably. I watched Raylene’s body move on me. Another need announced itself. It felt like the right time. The razor strop had been abandoned towards the side of the bed. It looked almost innocent. I reached over and picked it up.

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