Humiliation of an ex-Nazi 58: Submission in public and private

I walked up the stairs, following Raylene’s path to her bedroom. I was feeling light-headed after the confrontation with Dorabella and her friend Lynette. I remembered Lynette’s expression when she’d seen the state of Raylene’s arse. But it wouldn’t do to laugh, not while Raylene could hear me.

She was undergoing something solemn, and I couldn’t let her think I wasn’t taking seriously her pain, her submission or her urgent sexual need and allure.

Still, I had the urge to say something stupid like, “Coming, ready or not.” Or perhaps, “Tremble!” I shook my head, and then slapped the wall hard with the razor strop. Did I hear a little gasp from Raylene? I decided to think so.

What the hell was with Raylene, anyway? When we were alone she’d been in and out of submission. Sometimes she’d drop deep and then she’d be bouncing back up and teasing me.

Detail from image from Pandora Blake's site, "Dreams of Spanking".

Detail from image from Pandora Blake’s site, “Dreams of Spanking”.

I didn’t mind being teased, since it’s fun to deal with it. But it was clear that there wasn’t going to be any more teasing from Raylene. She’d only fully committed herself after Dorabella and Lynette had seen her, and she told her sister she was doing what she wanted.

Still, why had it had taken witnesses, to make Raylene fully submit?

And why had she dropped the moment her sister could see her? And, for that matter, why she hadn’t simply run up to her room while she still had time, and could save herself embarrassment? I had an idea, but it was something to explore later.

I stood in the bedroom doorway, looking down at Raylene.


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