Sometimes a slavegirl misbehaves. She was having trouble getting essays in on time. I’d worked round the clock that night, writing the appendices for her for a major project, that had to be handed in in the morning or it wouldn’t be accepted. She wrote the main section. 

So in the morning, when the completed project was emailed off, a minute before deadline,  I was not pleased. There was a discussion to be had, on why this had happened and how to stop it happening again. 

But first there was punishment. This photo is from about two-thirds of the way through. Later she needed to cry in my arms and be comforted, but first she needed the harshness.  

Tenderness and the harshness, and her need for both, are all expressions of love.



19 thoughts on “Harsh

    • LOL! But she got bottom marks, poor girl.

      They lasted a few days, and got to be a source of pride for her (and lust, for me) once the punishment and aftercare were done.

      I’m afraid the stuff I wrote so she could get it handed in wasn’t nearly as good as her section. But I did my best. I really wasn’t happy about having to pull an all-nighter, to do part of her university work for her.

    • At the time I delivered them I really was focussed on altering her behaviour.

      But once that was done and it was time to look after her – and whenever she walked past, underdressed, for the next few days – I couldn’t notice anything except her fantastic arse, and how sexy and how mine those marks made her look.

    • Well, I hope you get marked as often as you want and like!

      But in this case she didn’t have a hope of getting the thing finished on her own, which is why I had to work all night doing about a third of it. And she’d concealed that deadline from me. So it wasn’t “almost” misbehaviour: it really was the real thing.

    • Well, for the next few days those marks on her arse, moving when she moved, catching my eye, were the cutest sight in the known universe.

  1. I’m still shocked! I’d have no idea how to deal with such an outbreak of bad girlness!
    Er, unless… (see illustration, above.)

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