Some girls are just bendy everywhere

In bdsm, details matter immensely. A session is as intricate as a Japanese tea eremony.

Must the submissive keep his or her mouth open, or closed? Stand on tip toes, or pigeon-toed; both make them more vulnerable, but in different ways. Does a submissive woman, pleasuring her master, bend at her knees, or keep her legs straight and bend at the waist.

I’m in Nova Scotia today. A family wedding in the icy wind. I’ve got the choice of going dressed as Wyatt Earp or David Hume. That’s the choice for reasons too complex to explain here. I think I’ll go Hume. It’s more colourful.

2 thoughts on “Details

  1. Yes, I was Hume. Not the old, enormous Hume who had to cut a semicircular piece out of his table to make room for his stomach, but the younger version, slim as a weasel and a terror to the crofters’ daughters.

    As for the underwear “no true Scotsman” issue, Hume was a militant sceptic, so I went commando.

    The wind cried Mary.
    Or it might have been “hairy”.

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