Choke: back in the flow

So I pushed her down onto the bed, spread and lifted her thighs, and did her. She enjoyed this, but she wasn’t reacting with the enthusiasm I’d hoped for. She wasn’t happy yet, or relaxed. 

I was still seeking her forgiveness, and that was what I was doing wrong. It put her in charge, where she didn’t want to be. So I kissed her cunt goodbye, for now, and rolled onto my back. pulling her with me.

We finished with her face down across my lap. There was her ass, right where my hand was.  I smacked it, medium hard. 

After a dozen spanks her body relaxed, but she was still frowning. I whispered, “no, this is a good girl spanking. You’ve been good. But it’s going to hurt you.” She nodded. The frown was gone.

There were no more judgements, and everything was right. I spanked her for about half an hour, while she sighed, and occasionally cried out, and wiggled happily. Then all was well. 

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