A woman came to visit me. I’d given her instructions about what she had to do, once she’d knocked on my door. ¬†

My neighbourhood is the sort of place where no-one is likely to notice a woman undress at someone’s front door and wait naked on her knees to be invited in. There aren’t many people around. And if someone did notice they’d be neither shocked nor dangerous. I live in the country, but the people around here tend to be ¬†artists/writers/musicians, etc, rather than farmers.¬†

Although no-one would see my naked, kneeling girl,her or care if they did, I hurried when I heard her knock. I wanted her. There was lust between us. Just thinking of my name made her wet. I knew that because she told me, and I knew it was true because it only took her name, or the thought of any detail of her body or how she moved or spoke, to make me hard.

So I answered the door, and although she lowered her head to kiss my shoes, which I usually liked to watch, I grabbed a swatch of her hair and pulled her up so she could take my cock in her mouth.

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