Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 23

“Huh? It’s just in the drawer.”

“Yeah, but why is it in the drawer?”

Raylene shook her head, dumbfounded. “Why?”

“Well, I mean, your mother never strapped any of you, did she?”

“God no.” 

I knew her mother a little, from when I’d been going out with Raylene’s older sister. She wasn’t the sort of mother who could hurt her children with a razor strop, under any circumstances. As I’d understood her. So I was glad to be right. “Well, good. But … then why’s she got something like this?”

“She found it in the farm house. That they’re fixing up. She was going to shine it up and hang it on the wall. With some, you know, old farmhouse things.”

“Ah. Okay. Well, you’re going to shine it for me, now. It needs oil, it needs a lot of rubbing. That’s going to be your job.” 

“Oh? It’s not like there’s anything in that for me, is there?”

nipple pinch“Well, you’ll like it much better when the leather’s more supple. And anyway, you’ll do as you’re told. Won’t you?” I pinched her nipple again, to remind her of certain things.

Raylene snapped back into role. “Yes, Sir. I will. I want to. Um. Sir?” 


“Are you going to. You’re not going to. Use it on me, now? While it’s all hard?”

I held her again, kissed her and stroked her. Raylene came in close to be embraced, but even though I held her comfortingly, I had that leather strip in my hand. Hard leather touched her left flank, rubbed against her thigh, while I held her arse, “Look at me.”

She did. “Sir?”

“We’re going up to your room now. Before we come down again, you’re going to know what this feels like, pretty Raylene. I’ll tell you what to do, and all you have to do is what you’re told. It’ll be easy. And then you’ll keep still while you get your bottom strapped. And when you’re nice and warm I’m going to fuck you. All right?”

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