Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 20

“Very lovely, Raylene. I think I’ll do that … a lot, from now on. Have you ever had your breasts spanked before?”

 “No. No – one’s ever. I’ve never. Sir.”

“Spread your legs. Far as you can.”

“My jeans…” 

I smacked her bottom hard, with my hand, not trusting the ruler. That pistol shot sound, bouncing off the kitchen walls. A look of shock from Raylene. “I said, far as you can. Do as you’re told.”

hand cunt 2“Sir.” Raylene moved her left foot again, to the limit allowed by her jeans. I stroked her lips, finding a wet, aroused Raylene. She exhaled softly. Then stopped breathing when I slipped two fingers inside her. “Ohhhh.” 

I smiled at Raylene, but she had eyes closed now. And her mouth open. “But you’ve had your bottom smacked before. I mean, before I did just now, haven’t you?”

 Raylene blushed beautifully. Her face was near crimson. “Ah, yes, I, ah.”

 “For sex? And you liked it? It turned you on?”

“Yes, it. Does, ah. Sir.”

“Did you call him or her, or I don’t know, them, Sir?”

“Just one: him, not them. And no, I didn’t call him Sir. Sir. It wasn’t quite like this, it was more, um, just playful. He’d spank me a little and then we’d fuck. What we’re doing now, this feels more, um, consequential.”

“Did he ever punish you?”

“Oh no. Never. It was just in bed. We never went, you know, real life.”

“You know that’s going to change, Raylene. You know that I’m going to punish you, in just a couple of minutes.”

“What!” Raylene paused for a second. I watched her decide, again, to stay with this and see where it would go. “I mean, why?”

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