Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 73: The penile alarm

Raylene was waiting on the bed, lying on her front with her glowing ass in the air. She’d probably been waiting on all fours while I kissed her older sister, as one does, but as time passed she’d sunk a little closer to the bed, half-snoozing. 

Couldn't help feeling I'd done well by her

Couldn’t help feeling I’d done well by her

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my pants, freeing an erection that was, just then, reacting just as much to sister Dorabella’s sudden return of interest in fucking me as to Raylene.

It seemed time to make it clear that Raylene was my girl, whatever other desires I might have, so I grabbed her feet and tugged them down the bed and further apart.

Raylene yelped once and then slipped helplessly down until she was bent over the bed, wide awake and wild-eyed.

Her orifices were both raised and presented, and I had a moment’s impulse to take her ass, the road less travelled.

I was sure Raylene had been butt-fucked before, but when I did take her lasshole for the first time I’d still have to enter her slowly and reasonably gently. But I wasn’t feeling gentle, and I wanted my cock in her urgently.

So I pushed into her cunt, a sweet, slippery paradise, while Raylene mewed softly. Raylene lifted her hips and spread a little more, to get me in deeper. We enjoyed that moment, all of my cock in her, for about half a second, then we suddenly and simultaneously burst into movement, fucking as fast and hard as we could. Raylene was panting hard with exertion and excitement, and the bedhead started whacking against the wall again. Poor Bellie, in the next room, no doubt with her head under a pile of pillows. 

For some reason, that thought reminded me to reach for the razor strop, and thwap it down across Raylene’s flanks, also as fast and hard as I could.

She was using me as her tripwire. But her hand felt nice

She was using me as her tripwire. But her hand felt nice

For a few seconds I felt like a jockey, riding my girl in triumph, except that horses didn’t make that much noise. I mean approaching a finishing line; I can’t comment on their sex noises. Anyway, I soon lost coordination and focussed on the fucking. 

And Raylene howled, eventually, and then I came in her, silent out of pointless consideration for poor Bellie.

Eventually, we fell asleep together. Raylene rested her hand around my cock.

I suppose it was a sort of alarm. When I next showed signs of life and interest, she’d wake up.

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