Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 36

Raylene bent neatly at the waist and placed her forehead on the fourth step, her hands on the second step, taking her weight. After a second she turned, resting on her left cheek so she could look back at me. “Is this how you want me? I mean, specifically how you want me? Sir?

She was beautiful, posed like that, but there was room for improvement.

“That’s good, but I want your head on the next step up. You’ll have to lean forward a bit more. Keep your legs apart, but straighten out just a bit. And keep your arse up. It’s called presenting. Oh yes. That’s a good girl.”

presented 1I watched Raylene make these adjustments, presenting herself enticingly for the razor strop, and other attentions she might invite and require. I hoped I had those condoms. It seemed uncool to check at this exact moment. “No, don’t turn your head. I want you face down, so you rest your weight on your forehead, not your cheek.”


This was difficult, but Raylene awkwardly did as she was told. The tension was coming back. It was welcome. “Now arch your back, get your bottom right up.” 

Raylene complied. Her “yes Sir” was a little breathless. It was not a comfortable position, and the only reason to be in that position was to present oneself to be whipped and fucked.

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